Pareto Inclusion Committee 

The Inclusion Committee has been set up to promote diversity & inclusion within Pareto and beyond. Our Company is already a trail blazer for diversity & inclusion within the FM industry and we want to build on that great work and reputation and take it to the next level. 


Together, we can:

•    Shake off bias, ignorance and prejudice of any kind.
•    Create an environment of mutual respect where everyone has the space and freedom to be themselves.
•    Celebrate and appreciate difference and exclude no one.

•    Make a sustainable and positive difference. 


What a journey it’s going to be! 


The Inclusion Committee has 3 main purposes:


1) As a Group, we will proactively spearhead diversity & inclusion initiatives throughout the year. 

2) We will keep you informed of any important diversity & inclusion dates in the diary and encourage you to take part in any related activities and events. Let’s learn and make it work together; and have fun along the way!


3) The Inclusion Committee is a channel for you – for everyone – a safe, approachable zone – for you to voice your opinions, share your stories, highlight any issues, give your suggestions. It’s a living, breathing thing. You can play a significant part in its success simply by getting involved. Let’s make it happen!


Below is a bit of blurb about the 2021 members and why we think the Inclusion Committee is important.



Colin Kimber - Associate Director

I’m responsible for operational delivery to clients and the strategic organisational development of the Company. I’m also Health, Safety, Environment and Quality lead for Pareto.

I already have an immense sense of pride in working for a company that is so passionate about this subject and for what we have already achieved.  The Committee represents the next level for us in this space; and gives us the opportunity to build a strong platform to both support our existing or potential new team members and continue to utilise our voice as an organisation to support or challenge the status quo where necessary. 

I’m Chairing now, just to get the Committee off the ground. I am ready to stand down after year 1 to let someone else take the reins! 

Year 1 goals: We need to establish ourselves and create a framework that drives activity and supports the initiative for the future. We need to set the tone for this platform internally and externally. 

Overall ambitions:  To ensure that Pareto is the most inclusive organisation it can be, and to use our influence to support the FM Industry is in turn an inclusive and attractive industry.



Paige Brookes - Engagement Manager

I run the recruitment function and support the employee lifecycle and engagement within Pareto.
Being on the Inclusion Committee means being a part of a group that aims to create a working and social environment where everyone feels comfortable enough to be themselves. I want everyone to feel free to voice their opinions without fear of any judgement or prejudice. This is also an opportunity to grow my own understanding with regards to diversity and inclusion; and apply this knowledge to my own role within work and in my personal life.
Year 1 goals: I think we need to establish ourselves in our own lane. One of my aims for the Committee is to create an internal channel for our own employees, where they can express and share their own experiences good or bad. 


Overall ambitions: This is an opportunity for Pareto to continue to push the boundaries within the FM industry and the D&I Sector


Chris Barnes - Senior Account Manager


I’m responsible for a team of account managers who deliver FM services for a diverse range of clients across the UK.


Being part of the Committee means that I can help shape the Company ethos, not just for the now, but for future teams coming to Pareto and to help make the company a safe space for the best talent to thrive and deliver.


Year 1 goals: We should be aiming to be visible and provide be a safe approachable zone for all, recognise bias and hold ourselves accountable for action 


Overall ambitions: I would love to see sponsored programs for internships , apprenticeships in as many different environments as we can so we can shape the future



Chiv de la Hoyde - Workspace Manager

I’m responsible for ensuring the client's workspace is managed safely, effectively and with an exceptional level of service from my team and me.
Being part of the Inclusion Committee is a great opportunity to be in a room (Zoom) with some of the best minds in the business, with a pure focus on making Pareto FM even better than it already is. Personality is a huge part of Pareto, and a major factor in why a number of people work for the company. So, it's key that we play our part in growing and becoming stronger together as a business, especially in areas like diversity and inclusion. 
Year 1 goals: Having a well thought out and well executed communications plan for all Inclusion events and being able to demonstrate a clear understanding of exactly what we believe the Group can achieve.


Overall ambitions: Keep the group together long enough to show new people that it's something worth investing your time in. We all know that these types of groups can take a while to gain traction and really showcase the difference they make. With Pareto being used to leading the way, I don't see this as a threat to the progress of the Group but something to think about for the longer term objectives!



Dele Agunpopo - Workspace Team Lead

I’m there to inspire & motivate the team to achieve daily, monthly & yearly goals day- in-day-out! To enforce the #Lovewhatwedo philosophy throughout the working days. 😊
Think of it this way, there is a difference between working for a company and actually being ‘included’ in one. Being a part of the Inclusion Committee allows me to ensure that everybody who works for Pareto doesn’t feel excluded or forgotten about and that they can take comfort in knowing that their views are treated with respect & fairness. I would also like to better my own understanding of inclusion from different perspectives of the individuals within the Committee.


Year 1 goals: Year 1 is a big introductory year for the Committee and we need to focus on making it a fundamental aspect of the Pareto ethos. That means ensuring our employees are fully aware of our plans & goals; they see faces behind the Committee & they see real tangible/ measurable evidence of the Committee’s work throughout the year.


Overall ambitions: That we make real and positive changes and ensure that everyone feels included. 



Sharren Taylor - Relationship Manager

I’m responsible for managing the tendering process and writing winning bids. My major focus is to help grow the business by gaining new clients and retaining existing ones. 
I see being part of the Inclusion Committee as a great opportunity to create positive change; to work with like-minded people who want to support and encourage diversity. I want to better understand what diversity means and work on my own ignorance and naivety – learn and grow. 
Year 1 goals: To establish the Group as a living, breathing entity that listens and acts. To be seen as a trusted channel for others to feed in ideas and raise issues. To be visible and proactive. 


Overall ambitions: To embrace and enhance Pareto's reputation as a positive disruptor around social value, within the industry and beyond. To continue to challenge the status quo. To nurture an environment where people can be themselves. To promote a supportive culture that celebrates equality and diversity.