Pareto FM Featured in Facilities Management Journal Article '5 Step Plan'

Facilities Management is a fascinating and incomparable sector when it comes to careers. Just consider sectors such as Law, Medicine and Teaching which all have defined educational paths that attract people into them. FM doesn’t have such a path, and that makes it fantastically unique and ripe for opportunity. It also brings challenges in terms of formalising career paths and attracting the highest calibre of talent to our industry. This very fact is the main reason so many people within FM identify themselves as ‘falling in to FM’. I myself did choose FM as a sector and entered via a graduate scheme with a facilities services SME when I was 21. I went on to become a Director at 24 and start

PFM Magazine Article 'Value in creating an all-inclusive company approach'

Continuing the discussion on diversity in FM, following PFM’s previous interview with Gary Zetter, featuring comments from the industry’s leading lights on this topic. While providing greater focus on the topic of diversity may at first seem more of an emotive reaction and seen as “a good thing to do”, exploring this more comprehensively shows that there are many practical reasons that should also be considered in more detail. This is one of the main messages to emerge from the recent discussions conducted with a growing number of FM industry personnel with a particular interest in this area, resulting in the comments included below. Although progress can be seen to have been made in a numbe

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