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Blog: Pareto FM intern, Daniel Omene, on his time with the business

Despite the disparity in service types offered to each client, albeit hard FM-M & E Fabric maintenance, soft FM - Cleaning and catering, FM consultancy etc… Pareto FM has adopted what I believe is truly a highly sustainable management structure that manages to transform an intricate process to one that is not only simple but very efficient. Upon closer observation, an underlining depicting a strong understanding and relationship of each individual staff strength, persona as well as personal interests is uncovered. This knowledge effectively exploited (positively) by Pareto drives each staff member to not only take full ownership of the business them selves but also see each job task as a means of increasing added value to their role within the organizational structure as well as their career growth potential.

Each site managed by Pareto entails a management system where the service is built not only around the general nature and requirements of the business/site environment but most intuitively around the staff as well. To elaborate, each on-site staff/engineer autonomously manages themselves and their respective teams, with all exhibiting distinct managerial and technical expertise more or less tailored to their environment, where by their daily tasks and activities run smoothly and pragmatically considering the absence of bottle necks within their processes and of course further developing a stronger and more direct relationship with the client and suppliers. In comparison to major FM players in the industry, Pareto’s intimate style of doing things without a doubt brings a tasteful flavor to the palate of quality within services rendered by what you will assume to be the norm of FM practices. Thus demonstrates innovative development within the industry asides technological advancement.

That being said, all this will inevitably be impossible without the Leadership spirit adopted and consistently demonstrated not only by top management but down to the ‘lowest level’ personnel. Its ability to adapt to specific be-spoke needs in relation to client culture and technological standard gives the room for continuous improvement for both staff self-development and its ability to manage churn within its operations swiftly. With a high degree of honesty and transparency, a high gravity of trust and accommodation is evidently bestowed on Pareto, making the daily mood and atmosphere of activities not only comfortable and more conducive but also encouraging for longer lasting relationships as well as increase in responsibility, giving room for increased revenue as well as consistency in standards of services.

Outside the working environment, Pareto FM actively participates in industry development programs, with a major agenda push in cultural diversity and addressing prominent issues relating to quality of work life within the industry. This puts Pareto in the forefront amongst other big industry leaders, as it not only provides an attractive/lucrative view of the industry but also supports genuine enthusiasts new in the field looking to make stronger contributions in impacting lives and satisfaction from work as well as improving standard of living. This sense of drive and motivation within the company also stems a sense of connectivity and a somewhat family like relationship between all stakeholders affiliated to the company, which is seldom experienced in most organizations today albeit all efforts to establish. Top notch leadership spirit, sound technical expertise, vast knowledge from experience exhibited by each team member, utter transparency and keen attention on cost reduction as well as optimum efficiency, will be attributes that best depicts in the most concise way possible the principles Pareto FM strictly abide by.

I couldn’t ask for a better opportunity to reassure my self I made the right career leap that not only suits my person but also potentially has and will continually develop my personal life. I look forward to working in/with such institutions and hope others adopt some if not all of Pareto’s impeccable management styles and culture. After all, the FM world indeed does greatly involve adopting best practices.

As a prospective Graduate Facility Manager, forging a pathway into the industry has proven to be both exciting and at the same time confusing considering the different areas, level of expertise and generally ambiguous nature of the field. Pareto FM however, has and continuously provides an invaluable window in exploring the dynamic nature of the FM industry from an outsourced perspective, encompassing parallel management practices within its services rendered. With a somewhat comprehensive portfolio of its services and clientele base entailing a variety of top-level Industry sectors of high corporate standard in hospitality, enterprise data analytics service, top search engine provider, leading interactive entertainment company for the mobile world, reputable wild life reserve in central London and growing.

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