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Pareto FM selected to represent industry at Facilities Management 2017 Event

Pareto FM are confirmed as panelists on two separate key note sessions at Facilities Management 2017 held at the NEC Arena, Birmingham. More details here: See full event details below:

Session 1: The blueprint of future FM business models

Tuesday 21 March - 13:20-14:00


FM business models are constantly adapting. If we look back 30 years, it was all i-house delivery with only very specialist services, such as lift maintenance (where there were lifts!) being outsourced to specialist companies. But as the market has matured, so have delivery models.

Although there remain examples of organisations retaining in-house services critical to their organisation, such as security in a banking environment, FM is now largely outsourced with few organisations employing more than a management layer concerned with supervising service delivery partners. The general trend, as reported in Changing Times in Facilities Management, the 2016 report from Sheffield Hallam University, is for greater levels of outsourcing in both private and public sectors, often with a pan-European or pan-global flavour. Research from Global Industry Analysts revealed that over 70% of end users plan to adopt multinational contracts by 2020, compared to only 40% in 2010. Now 69% of the market outsources more than half of their facilities services.

Broadly, traditional FM delivery falls into six models:

In-house FM

Single services

Bundled services

Total Facilities Management

Managing Agent

Confirmed panellists:

Chaired by Simon Iatrou, editor of i-FM

Colin Kenton, managing director, FM services, KBR

Andrew Hulbert, managing director, Pareto Facilities Management Paul Wyton, Sheffield Hallam University

Anne Lennox Martin, FMP360

Session 2: Who are FM’s natural business partners in organisations? And who provides something of a threat

Tuesday 21 March - 15:20-16:00


From HR, IT and real estate to marketing, legal, finance and H&S, we will discuss where FM can extend its influence. We’re going to be talking about who are FMs natural business partners in an organisation.

When you think of it, an organisation’s human resources and facilities management departments should already be closely aligned. Both are required to meet businesses goals and support an organisation from an operational and legislative perspective. Opportunities for crossover and common cause between the two departments seem legion. Indeed, HR already has a key role to play in the delivery of FM. Whether contracted out or delivered in-house, both FM and HR are about people delivering services to the business; the teams on the ground making a positive impact on organisational efficiencies. And there are clear areas of business where HR and FM can, and should, work effectively together to achieve positive results. Handling processes, with TUPE, flexible and agile working practices being an obvious case. But often FMs can feel at war with their HR colleagues, especially over areas such as activity-based working, and introducing any behavioural change. HR staff think that they are responsible purely for hiring and firing, payroll, appraisals, employee development and employee benefits. And because they see their roles as being defined in this way, which is quite narrow, they don’t see a link to FM.

Confirmed panellists

Chaired by Simon Iatrou, editor of i-FM

Mike Gillespie, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Advent IM Ltd

Mark Tyson, Service Delivery Director, Capita

Andrew Hulbert, Managing Director, Pareto Facilities Management

Tom Robinson, MD, Talent Tomorrow

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