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Blog: The Purpose of Pareto by Sharren Taylor

In my career of some 20+ years, I have worked with several different companies, across a variety of industries. I’ve experienced both ends of the spectrum (and what lies between), in terms of good and bad business practice, management, company culture and ethos.

Some companies are extremely vocal when it comes to matters such as staff development or social value. However, the reality is usually a million miles away from the “mission statement”. I’ve seen it too many times – all lip service and very little substance.

Other companies may be full of good intentions but simply find it difficult to convert ideas into action. There is an underlying inertia – initiatives will be suggested and discussed, heads will nod, all the right noises will be made - but that is about as far as it goes. There’s no real structure, will or drive to actually make things happen.

Joining Pareto was like a breath of fresh air for me. It really is an exceptional company. I discovered this, right from the outset. I’d been brought in to write winning bids. So, in order to do my job as effectively and efficiently as possible, it was crucial for me to understand Pareto inside and out.

I had the good fortune to spend a considerable amount of one-to-one time with some of the key people within the organisation. The cliché, “singing from the same hymn sheet” was an understatement. I have to say that the more I learned the more thrilled and privileged I felt to be a part of it all.

There is one crucial principal that drives Pareto: People matter.

Pareto is its people and we love our people – our staff – our clients and, our wider community. Each and every day, Pareto demonstrates the immense importance it places on people. It’s manifested in the careful nurturing of its staff, the unequivocally high standard of service to clients and the fervent commitment to make real and positive changes in society.

Every individual member of the Pareto team is empowered to be the very best that they can be. Potential and qualities, both professional and personal, are recognised and given wings to fly. People are actively encouraged to create and innovate. Ideas are always listened to and good ideas are readily implemented.

It’s such a supportive organisation. Everyone is more than willing to share knowledge and experience, in order that everybody thrives. And, of course, this is evidenced by the camaraderie amongst staff members and the strength and longevity of the relationships we enjoy with our clients.

There are core values here – crucial to making all of this happen – truth and trust. There is an extraordinary level of openness and honesty running right throughout the company.

And it’s pivotal to how Pareto operates as a company. Everything is totally transparent – from its processes, communication, operational models, quality standards – right through to pricing.

Pareto was created to be an industry disruptor. Consequently, Pareto attracts like-minded people who want to turn the industry on its head. People who are positive agitators. They are a focused, driven bunch of highly experienced and talented renegades who had become totally frustrated with an inflexible FM sector – where excellent work and first-rate client service were being strangled and suffocated by senseless bureaucracy and archaic operational processes.

Free from all of this stifling, out-dated nonsense, Pareto people are able to focus on getting the job done – and getting it done to the very highest standards. It’s what makes us tick.

Aside from the business, Pareto is extremely active in the community, and places enormous importance on social value and we run several schemes that are extremely important to us. The key focus areas include LGBT+ in FM, Tomorrow Meets Today, Black Lives Matter, Mental Health Awareness, Anti-Racism, Women in Engineering, Women in FM, supporting charities and even throwing ourselves out of a plane on a regular basis.

Pareto is indeed an astonishing company with inspirational leadership. In six short years, it has become a driving force in the FM industry. And it goes from strength to strength. Our people are remarkable and love what they do. They are exuberant voyagers on a truly exciting, life-changing Pareto journey.

I began my research by trying to identify what makes a Pareto person, and one colleague summed it up quite neatly, “We don’t employ dickheads”. True, true, very true.

Sharren Taylor, Relationship Manager, Pareto FM


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