Pareto FM participates in The Sun twitter Q&A


The Building Futures Group (@TheBFGrp)

Sarah Bentley (@SarahBFGrp), CEO, The Building Futures Group

Peter Burnell-Jones (@PeterBJ79), Business Development Manager, Norland

Andrew Hulbert (@AndrewHulbert), Managing Director of Pareto FM, Chairman of The Building Futures Group Young Managers Forum, BIFM Risings Committee Member


@TheBFGrp: Welcome to our LIVE facilities management Twitter chat! Got a question? Get involved using #SunSecretJobs

@TheBFGrp: We’re joined by our CEO, @SarahBFGrp, @PeterBJ79 Business Development Manager @NorlandMS & @AndrewHulbert, MD of @ParetoFM #SunSecretJobs

Question 1

@TheBFGrp: .@PeterBJ79 How did you start out in facilities management? #SunSecretJobs

@PeterBJ79: .@TheBFGrp Graduated from Uni in '02 in Engineering. Following a number of placements at Uni I was offered a job in construction.

@TheBFGrp: .@PeterBJ79 What did you learn on your placements and did this help you in securing the job? #SunSecretJobs

@PeterBJ79: .@TheBFGrp I learnt about the whole construction life cycle, loved the responsibility of engineering, transferred skills learnt at Uni

@PeterBJ79: .@TheBFGrp This definitely helped me secure a job as the company was expanding into new areas including FM. #SunsecretJobs

Question 2

@TheBFGrp: .@PeterBJ79 What has been the best bit of your #career so far? #SunSecretJobs

@PeterBJ79: .@TheBFGrp Proudest moment was winning the @PFM_Magazine Young FM of the Year 2009 for work with @highwaysagency #sunsecretjobs

@TheBFGrp: .@PeterBJ79 Congratulations! What an achievement!

Question 3

@TheBFGrp: .@AndrewHulbert having started your own biz, what advice do you have for others wanting to do the same? #SunSecretJobs

@AndrewHulbert: Firstly you need to get experience and the best way to do that is find an FM organisation that will develop you #SunSecretJobs @TheBFGrp

@TheBFGrp: .@AndrewHulbert Do you provide #training @ParetoFM? If so, what kind of training do you provide? #SunSecretJobs

@AndrewHulbert: Training is the fundamental cornerstone to @ParetoFM - we aim to develop our staff with operational training & academic quals @TheBFGrp

@paulcarder: Which FM Co's are offering #apprenticeships and development through to qualified #FacilitiesManager? @AndrewHulbert @TheBFGrp #SunSecretJobs

@TheBFGrp: .@paulcarder @AndrewHulbert Most of our large FM members offer #apprenticeship schemes. … #SunSecretJobs

@AndrewHulbert: Some smaller companies also offer apprenticeships, find a company you like the look of & search website @TheBFGrp @paulcarder #SunsecretJobs

@paulcarder: Which ones @TheBFGrp @AndrewHulbert? - I'd like to retweet them; they should get credit for offering #apprenticeships #facilitiesmanagement

@AndrewHulbert: Here is an interview I did with the first ever apprentice I took on - some good advice here @TheBFGrp #SunsecretJobs

@paulcarder: OK thanks @AndrewHulbert @TheBFGrp but its not for me :) will you list #facilitiesmanagement #apprenticeships on website so we can retweet?

@TheBFGrp: .@paulcarder By working with @NationalCareers, this is something we are developing. We'll release details when it's live. #SunSecretJobs

@PeterBJ79: .@paulcarder @NorlandMS offer a number of apprenticeships. They actually won the JTL National Apprentice of the Year 2013 #sunsecretjobs

@AndrewHulbert: There is some great info on this site also relating to #FM #apprenticeships … @paulcarder @TheBFGrp #SunSecretJobs

@paulcarder: There are 30 #apprenticeships listed on the link (right panel) … @AndrewHulbert @TheBFGrp its a start! more needed!

@paulcarder: interesting, 8 of 30 are with @HiltonHotels - most others in schools @AndrewHulbert @TheBFGrp none in large FM Cos?? #SunSecretJobs

Question 4

@paulcarder: How many graduate vacancies were there in FM this summer? #SunSecretJobs @TheBFGrp @SarahBFGrp @PeterBJ79 @AndrewHulbert @ParetoFM

@paulcarder: Met Dutch academic @IFMA #ifmaww14 last week, they have 200 on #facilitiesmanagement degree courses!! @TheBFGrp @SarahBFGrp #SunSecretJobs

@AndrewHulbert: The UK has some great FM courses also - check out UCL, Reading, Sheffield Hallam and others @paulcarder @IFMA @TheBFGrp #SunSecretJobs

@paulcarder: UCL MSc … @AndrewHulbert @TheBFGrp been running for 20 years. V good.

@paulcarder: Reading/Henley MSc Corporate Real Estate incl #facilitiesmanagement … @AndrewHulbert @TheBFGrp #SunSecretJobs

@AndrewHulbert: As an alumni myself of the course Facility & Environment Management at UCL - I concur! @paulcarder @TheBFGrp #SunSecretJobs

@paulcarder: #SunSecretJobs @TheBFGrp @SarahBFGrp @PeterBJ79 @AndrewHulbert #facilitiesmanagement #careers - good start guys; do engage careers advisors!

Question 5

@paulcarder: At what stage is a #FacilitiesManager fully qualified? How long would it take if I left school after A levels? @TheBFGrp #SunSecretJobs

@AndrewHulbert: That is why FM is so great! Things are always developing, changing & moving forward - being innovative is the key @paulcarder #SunSecretJobs

@PeterBJ79: .@paulcarder That is the $64k question! Training is paramount for the role, but common sense and leadership skills are vital #sunsecretjobs

@TheBFGrp: .@paulcarder There's always scope for people to continue their development at all levels - apprenticeships, FM MBA, @assetskills Training

@PeterBJ79: .@paulcarder Those pursuing a career in FM could expect to be in a junior managerial role within 3 - 5 years. #SunSecretJobs

@assetskills: @TheBFGrp @paulcarder details of the Certificate in FM leading on to MBA in Facilities Management is available here

Question 6

@HodgeDevelopLtd: @TheBFGrp #SunSecretJobs what type of past job experience is relevant for fm if I am considering move to fm from a previous career? #facman

@AndrewHulbert: Organisational, People and Management skills are vital coupled with Customer Service excellence @HodgeDevelopLtd @TheBFGrp #SunSecretJobs

@AndrewHulbert: Any background can be transferable e.g. military, hotel, retail as long as you display the right skillset @HodgeDevelopLtd #SunSecretJobs

@HodgeDevelopLtd: @AndrewHulbert @TheBFGrp great so loads of different past careers have these transferable skills are relevant to fm #transferableskills

@AndrewHulbert: Absolutely! People from a number of different paths have successful FM careers. Training& development is key @HodgeDevelopLtd #SunSecretJobs

@sajna581: @AndrewHulbert @HodgeDevelopLtd FM ONLY industry that has the most diverse entry levels & umbrellas so many different roles #SunSecretJobs

@paulcarder: It is diverse @sajna581 @AndrewHulbert @HodgeDevelopLtd @TheBFGrp but similar to #construction in that respect? others too? #SunSecretJobs

@sajna581: @AndrewHulbert @HodgeDevelopLtd had interest 4rm senior ppl 4rm finance industry. The transferable skills they wud is gr8! #SunSecretJobs

@TheBFGrp: Thank you all for a fantastic Q&A. We hope to have inspired many of you to enter our dynamic and exciting industry! #SunSecretJobs

@HodgeDevelopLtd: #SunSecretJobs #facman - fantastic fun, great people to support & help u thrive & succeed and have an amazing future in the best career ever!

@TheBFGrp: Find further information about facilities management roles on our website & in our careers guide #SunSecretJobs

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