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Welcome to the '#ParetoWrapUp 2022' Christmas Charity Campaign

This year as the cost-of-living rises, many families are having to prioritise whether they can buy food or put the heating on

This means, there will be many parents and carers struggling to provide at Christmas for their children.

This is something we feel incredibly passionate about at Pareto.

The Inclusion Committee have come together to launch our Christmas Pareto initiative #ParetoWrapUp2022

We have committed to provide, pack, wrap and deliver Christmas Gift Boxes to over 100 primary school children around the UK.

With your help we would love to provide Christmas Gift Boxes for 500 children

Below is a list of all the items we will be putting in their boxes.

If you would like to make a donation by purchasing any of these items, please:

1. Click on the item below you would like to donate money towards

2. Purchase the number of items you would like 

3. We will do the rest 

Thank you


Christmas Charity Stickers.jpg
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