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Tomorrow Meets Today (TMT) is a social enterprise that runs exclusive events specifically promoting diversity within the FM sector. TMT has brought together leaders and future leaders from over fifty different organisations, within the FM sector and outside of it, in inspirational venues across London. The sole purpose of TMT is to create opportunity for diverse talent to be identified, recognised and promoted in a sector that desperately needs greater diversity at middle and senior management levels. TMT transcends different organisations and is totally dedicated to promoting diversity.

Andrew Hulbert and Sajna Rahman came together in 2015. They both shared a high level of enthusiasm, ambition and passion to enhance diversity within the Facilities Management. At its core the idea stemmed from Andrew and Sajna recognising how difficult it can be for junior members of our industry to meet with the most senior members and vice versa. With both their experience in delivering events for FM committees, Andrew and Sajna set out to create TMT by bringing together two different groups of people to an exclusive invitation only event. The focus was to grow a diverse talent pipeline within FM. They had handpicked future leaders of FM to meet with inspirational leaders of today. By providing the groups a platform and by removing the usual ‘networking noise’ they enabled opportunity for quality networking where future leaders were encouraged to create career opportunities and leaders to build their talent pipeline.

Tomorrow Meets Today

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