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Pareto inspires UK Government on the potential of the FM sector

On Monday 1st June 2015 Andrew Hulbert, Managing Director of Pareto FM, joined the Building Futures Group on a presentation call that went out to over 900 Department of Work and Pensions representatives across the UK. The purpose of the exercise was to launch the month long ‘FM Awareness Campaign’ that the Building Futures Group are heading up in conjunction with the Department of Work and Pensions.

Following the call Andrew said “The opportunity to educate DWP advisors across the whole of the UK, on the unrivalled opportunities that the FM sector can offer in terms of careers, was a privilege. This is the first Awareness Campaign of its type and we honoured to be involved at its inception. I genuinely believe that FM offers a meaningful career path to anyone that is willing to work hard and demonstrate exceptional customer service. The FM sector has a responsibility to attract more talent and initiatives such as this one are invaluable.”

During his presentation, Andrew spoke about the opportunities FM can offer to people at all levels before demonstrating the inspirational journeys of Antony Law, Reyana Searle and his own. Andrew went on to highlight the unrivalled opportunities for training and progression and the strategic management possibilities that FM can offer at the highest levels. He finished by highlighting the supportive FM community spirit in the form of networking groups, special interest groups and various committees.

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