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Pareto FM leads Thought Diversity in pioneering FM Event #TMT16


Pareto FM is proud to announce that the pioneering networking series, Tomorrow Meets Today, is back for 2016. Tomorrow Meets Today was founded by Sajna Rahman and Andrew Hulbert in 2015 with Pareto FM supporting as the lead sponsor. The event sees eight of the most inspirational leaders from across all sectors meet with twenty future leaders of the Facilities Management sector. This year there is a key focus on promoting Thought Diversity and demonstrating a ve inclusive, collaborative and innovative culture. More details below. Check back for more information following the event.

The Event

On the 17th November at 18.00hrs we will bring together 20 Future Leaders with 8 Inspiring Leaders from outside of FM. They will be connecting, collaborating and building relationships through gastronomy at the incredible setting of Aveqia on Fleet Street.

First part of the event is a Champaign reception where everyone will get the opportunity to network informally pre event.

Following introductions by Andrew and Sajna the event will commence:

2x Leaders will be assigned 5x future leaders they will be guided to their cooking stations and provided introductions, recipe & instructions for the interactive cooking by a Michelin Chef. All the dishes cooked will judged. This part of the event is designed to get strong interactions going to recognise skills sets of individual.

The next part of the event is the key networking though a sit down dinner, where each leaders would be required to rotate through the courses served every 20 minutes so everyone gets access to all leaders.

The last part of the event is more drinks reception which is optional

There is an opportunity for our future leaders of FM to share knowledge about our industry as well as them learning about their leadership styles and obtaining career tips.

Tomorrow Meets Today was founded by Sajna Rahman and Andrew Hulbert in 2015. After a successful inaugural event TMT15, this year they have built on the format to further increase quality, collaboration and innovation. TMT16 promises to offer a unique event, not seen before in Facilities Management. Profiling some of the most exciting future leaders in the industry as well as showcasing some of the most exciting leaders in the world.

What is Tomorrow Meets Today all about and how has it grown since last year?

Sajna Rahman:

Tomorrow Meets Today is about bringing together Future Leaders with Today’s Leaders and providing a platform for individuals to create career opportunities and for Leaders to build their talent pipeline

Myself and Andrew have networked effectively within FM over the past four years and sat in the same committee at BIFM Rising FM. Our matching passion for talent and career opportunities in FM brought us together to launch Tomorrow Meets Today last year #TMT15 It was a huge success last year. What sets TMT aside from other events in FM is that it is exclusive so our participants are handpicked

This year is very exciting as we have invited Leaders from outside FM that demonstrate thought diversity through the leadership.

Andrew Hulbert:

At its very core, the idea of the event is to provide a platform of opportunity for two very different groups of people to meet. We know it can be difficult for more junior people in the FM sector to meet the most senior (and more importantly the other way round) and this event is designed with that in mind. The premise is that we take away all the ‘networking noise’ and just allow the opportunity for quality networking. Creating an environment we know hasn’t been seen in the FM industry before. We want to encourage those social interactions that may not have occurred should an event like this not have taken place.

TMT15 was a great success but this year we have pushed the boundaries even further by bringing in inspirational leaders from outside of FM. The idea being that FM needs to look outside of itself to take inspiration for growth and innovation from other sectors. With a specific focus on encouraging diversity, we are fortunate enough to have some incredible leaders involved this year. Each showing in their own way, the importance of Thought Diversity and some facing difficult challenges in their careers to reach their current levels of success. Originally, TMT came about as an initiative between Sajna and I, whom share a passion for encouraging diversity within the sector.

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