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Blog: Pareto FM attends #WPW16

Above: Charlie Sinton (Partner, Pareto FM) and Sally Sellers (HR Director, BSI)

Pareto FM attended #WPW16 this week to not only enjoy the delights of a convivial evening at the BT Tower but also hear from Sally Sellers of BSI around the challenges and successes of the workplace transformation project that BSI are implementing at Chiswick Tower.

Pareto FM have worked with BSI from project inception through to delivery of this much-heralded workplace change. The essential ingredient for success was the close collaboration of IT, HR, and the FM Services team.

Please speak to Charlie if you would like to understand more. or 0203 282 7177

This year’s Workplace Week Convention examines the idea of treating employees like top class athletes and using the management of the workplace as a tool to create the right practices and environments to make every employee the best they can be.

With a line up of sportsmen, neuroscientists, business leaders and Workplace Management professionals it’s a must for professionals involved in the workplace especially COO’s and Leaders in Real Estate, FM, HR, Learning and Development and IT.

Featuring speakers including Tim Henman, Professor John Harrison, Helen Griffin, Neil Usher, Sally Sellers, Andrew Mawson, Karen Plum and more, our Convention this year explores the way in which Workplace Management can be deployed as a strategic resource, providing and proactively managing the right infrastructure, policies, technology and processes to help workers be the best they can.

At this year’s Convention, with contributors from the worlds of sport, neuroscience, business and Workplace Management we’ll be asking…

How does the brain really work and what can we do to make it work better individually and collectively?

What are the factors that make the biggest difference to the performance of the brain?

How can we manage the workplace to increase organisational brainpower and what programmes could we put in place to make a difference to brainpower?

What can we learn from the world of sport that we can use in business?

How do we go about creating a ‘cognitive culture’?

How do we re-balance measurement to tell us how well we’re doing in creating the right workplace conditions for peak cognitive performance?

Who should attend?

COO’s and Real Estate, FM, HR and IT leaders who want to evolve their organisations to deliver an enhance contribution to the organisations they serve.

We are our brains.

Concentrating, memorising, recalling, planning, communicating, sharing, collaborating and creating are the new ‘DNA’ of work. And as artificial intelligence decimates process roles over the coming years the reliance on knowledge professionals will only increase.

So if maximising the individual and collective performance of every human on the payroll is not yet a top priority of FM, Real Estate, HR and IT professionals (workplace leaders), it soon will be as organisations increasingly come to rely on their ‘knowledge professionals’ for their business results.

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