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Pareto FM launch pioneering Hybrid FM Apprenticeship

Pareto FM have designed, built and implemented their first Hybrid Electrical & FM Apprenticeship. The concept was designed between Pareto FM and one of their clients whom was looking for something different in the field of Facilities Management. The role will see an Apprentice complete a full electric qualification over three years, whilst being based at the prestigious head office of the client. But the duties will not be limited to Engineering and will also include a host of FM activities involving Postroom, Reprographics, Fabric, Office Moves and Regional Office Management. The idea being that after three years the individual is fully qualified as an electrician but has a working knowledge of Facilities Management within a high end corporate sector.

The client, the FM Director for a high end investment bank commented “We were looking for something that allowed us to get the best of both worlds from an Apprenticeship. We wanted extra technical knowledge on site as a back up to our residential engineers especially due to the criticality of our data centre and trading floors. But we also wanted to boost the capability and have some extra capacity to support our in-house FM team itself. This could be assistance with office moves, working with reprographics or working on CAD to redesign office layouts. The hybrid apprenticeship makes allowances for both these sectors and provides a significant breadth of support for our organisation”.

“We’re excited to continue to be pioneers in the Facilities sector” stated Andrew Hulbert. “We’ve worked with a client to genuinely understand their need and build a fit for purpose solution to their specific issue. Let alone the incredible experience our Apprentice, Danny, is going to receive through this apprenticeship. The value for the customer was also significant due to Pareto’s access to various training and apprenticeship funds, but coming through Pareto the client has saved over ten thousand per apprentice. We’re excited to see how this Apprenticeship evolves and look forward to adding many future leaders to our scheme.”

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