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Pareto FM deliver inspiring seminar on the future of the M&E industry

Andrew Hulbert, MD of Pareto FM, has delivered an inspiring speech focussing on the future of the M&E sector. The event was held at the world-leading offices of global events management firm UBM in their stunning seminar space.

Andrew’s talk focussed on the issues we still find within the M&E sector including poor communications, lack of knowledge around some basic M&E from entry level staff and the general lack of customer service focus. Andrew went on to outline the importance of developing meaningful apprenticeships and outlined the hugely successful and pioneering hybrid-apprenticeship scheme that Pareto FM have been operating. The talk finished with Andrew outlining the importance of promoting women and diversity within the sector, as well as not simply focussing on those with M&E qualifications.

Andrew Hulbert commented “I was pleased to be able to outline the modern version of how Pareto believe M&E services can be delivered. The old-fashioned M&E service delivery with paper-based systems, poor communications and a lack of customer service is no longer fit for purpose. Clients are rightly demanding more from their providers and those who can adapt quickest with thrive. We also operate with the overarching mantra that one can have a great career within M&E without a formal qualification. This proved a controversial statement for some of those in the room, many with M&E qualifications, which lead to a great debate following the talk”.

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