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Blog: Frankie Laugier-Davies on what it means to be joining Pareto FM

Unbeknown to Andrew, my journey with Pareto began in 2015/16 when he delivered a guest lecture to my class at UCL. Some of the big players in FM had also given talks in previous weeks, but Pareto stood out to me as being a young company offering something entirely new and exciting to the world of FM. Andrew spoke about the company’s origins, the drive to be different and to create a bespoke delivery model for each client by focusing on their unique requirements rather than pushing a pre-packaged FM solution. I’m very pleased to say that the vision he communicated to us in that classroom is in evidence today and resonates throughout the company. Every member of the team I’ve met over the past few weeks possesses that same dedication, passion and enthusiasm for their work.

When I first started out in FM, I was lucky to have an incredibly supportive mentor. He showed me the sector could be fun, creative and rewarding in its variety and challenge. Moving forward into my own career I have always sought out that same environment. At Pareto I have finally met likeminded people who genuinely enjoy making their clients happy. We all take the basics very seriously; health and safety, statutory compliance, CSR. Beyond that there is no limit to what Pareto are willing and able to do for their accounts. To be given the freedom to think creatively and be relied upon is a great thing; when your client says “I’d like to hand it all over to you” you know you’re doing something right. The team have impressed upon me that if something is important and needs doing, they find a way to make it happen. If something is needed on site, it’s there, not two weeks away. I enjoy saying “yes, of course we can do that, when works for you?”.

One thing that has struck me is that our clients share our enthusiasm. I’ve yet to walk into an office without receiving a warm welcome, being offered a cup of coffee, fruit, some cake, a place to work for a few hours. This reception is testament to the relationships forged between Pareto and its clients. From day one my colleagues have offered their time and guidance, always having a moment for a quick chat on WhatsApp despite having their own busy schedules. I was slightly apprehensive about not having a permanent office. However, I feel more connected to my colleagues at Pareto than when I worked in a set location. I love the camaraderie that exists, and I am very grateful to have been accepted into the fold.

I’ve defiantly had to ‘hit the ground running’ but getting up to speed with my accounts and their intricacies has been a fun challenge. I’ve also learnt a lot of new skills around being a contractor. It’s about being present, understanding how clients operate and adding value even in small ways. I think going forward the biggest challenge I am looking forward to is getting to grips with technical detail. I have a background in project and fit out work, contractor and site management, so expanding my knowledge of engineering and hard services is at the top of my list. However, what I do know is that if I get stuck on anything or need advice my colleagues at Pareto will be there with knowledge and support.

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