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Blog: Our ‘Wonder Week’ at Pareto FM

Our ‘Wonder Week’ at Pareto FM

Who said good things [only] come in threes?

Thank you for taking the time to read this on your busy commute or much needed lunch break.

There’s no doubt about it - it has been a great year for the Pareto FM family. By being able to build on some incredible relationships with our existing clients, all while gaining new clients from a diverse range of industries and growing as a business in terms of revenue and head count, there’s been no shortage of opportunities for growth.

It’s no secret that everyone at Pareto loves being part of this business. It’s also no secret that this is largely down to our leadership team. The year being the success it has, we could only hope to carry on growing the way we have been, without compromising who we are and what we believe in… and on Wednesday 28th November we reached new heights as a business.

The mood was set, we’re in a room full of business owners, actors, investors, millionaires and even the odd billionaire. Andrew Hulbert, our Managing Director and ‘surprise nominee’, started this business without approval from those closest to him, from his bedroom. On the night he was awarded the Great British Entrepreneur Award for an SME business in the service sector. It’s undoubtedly an amazing achievement for Andrew, for Pareto FM and also for the wider FM industry, by being recognised at such a scale. I’m sure you’ll join us in congratulating Andrew on bagging this prestigious award!

The week wasn’t over yet though. We all had the opportunity to see the award (and its owner) after it had enjoyed around few hours of rest with Andrew before the start of our half yearly managers’ day. Now, the manager’s day at Pareto FM isn’t something taken lightly, a lot of work goes into preparing it and there are twice the number of managers now as there were last year. Our newly appointed Associate Director, Colin Kimber (more congratulations are in order!), had put a lot of work into creating the content for the day and had lugged a 4m x 4m plastic mat around with him to make the day as special as it was. Without going into too much detail, we covered several communication techniques, got updated versions of the infamous whacky photos taken for our ‘Personality’ website page and got to learn more about each other.

With great feedback on the day, we made our way to Piccadilly to enjoy our Christmas party - early I know but we have clients to look after and December activity ramps up! What a great night it turned out to be, so many new faces with the business growing to almost 100 people across Europe, colleagues joined us from Manchester, Dublin and even Malta! It was a truly fantastic night and yet another truly breath-taking experience for our leadership team, seeing the business grow from one to just under 100 people in just four years!

Would you believe, the week continued to provide those ever-needed moments of inspiration and another reminder that what we do really is an opportunity that we should be grateful for. Colin Kimber, our Associate Director, now also Board Associate for LGBT+ in FM brought a host of Pareto FM colleagues along to the group’s first ever event. It was a milestone for the group for sure, being built up from a core of major FM businesses to make waves across the industry to bring support for LGBT+ colleagues and to encourage future talent to ‘just be you’. With great talks from Samantha West and Daniel Hawkins, both shared incredibly emotional, challenging but inspiring journeys - the room erupted with a long, continuous applause showing thanks, respect and solidarity.

Just amazing. What a week. Here’s to many more like it in the future!

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