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Why Pareto? Part 2 – Career Development

Having recently celebrated our 5th birthday, we decided it was a good time to reflect with some of our Pareto team to find out exactly what they love about working for Pareto FM. We asked the question “why Pareto” to a number of our colleagues and here are the results!

We spoke to a real cross section of colleagues throughout the business, some who have been with us since the early days and some who are new to the family. We wanted the chance to really understand their thoughts and feelings on Pareto.

We put the following question to our team members:

Are there any areas of your life outside of career development where Pareto FM has had a positive impact on you?

Chiv – Workspace Manager

Just being given the opportunity to carry out my role in a high-profile client's site has given me the freedom and flexibility to incorporate old hobbies back into my life. It has also given me the opportunity to get on the property ladder and really start making strides as a young man growing up in/around London.

Sharmin – Front of House

Pareto FM has definitely had a positive impact on my outside life as it was able to understand and appreciate my life as a mum of one and was able to accommodate for my needs whenever it was possible. I will always cherish and appreciate this.

Dele – Workspace Team Lead

Stability – I think just being able to not only have a job, but to have one which you love doing really takes off the immense pressure of being a new father. Confidence – I’ve really met some great, inspirational people along the way and they have boosted me to believe in myself much more.

Lee – Site Engineer

Pareto FM have allowed me to be the Father I have always wanted to be. Pareto understand the importance of being there for your family and this has allowed me to be there when I’m most needed so for example, I am able to pick my youngest up from school each day and make time for important school meetings/plays that in any other job I would not be able to attend. This flexibility is reflected in the relationships I have with my family. This alone has made my life more of a work to live style of employment rather than a live to work and my life is so much richer for it.

Terry – Facilities Engineer

I’ve only worked for Pareto for a short time but I’m no spring chicken and the company has taken a chance on employing an old boy. This has had a positive impact on my life all round. Pareto have been more than flexible in helping the team members when they need time off of work. This seems a small thing, but my previous employers were not flexible with time off or flexible with holidays. This has had a massive impact on my life outside of work. Thank you Pareto!

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