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Blog: Starting My Pareto Journey by Jack Sherwood

I started at Pareto in September having followed the company for a while and had met both Andrew Hulbert & Colin Kimber at networking events. Coming from a management position in the leisure industry I had a lot of experience but not necessarily the knowledge of FM, however from my first impressions and what I had heard about the business I knew Pareto would give me that opportunity to learn and grow, which is why I wanted to work with them.

Since I’ve started there is yet to be a quiet day in the office and I never thought I’d say this - I am so happy that’s the case. We are constantly pushing ourselves to ensure that the client gets the absolute best service with the biggest smile on our faces. Something that is apparent to not only members of the Pareto team but also the clients that we have is that we have a real care for our sites and our people/family. We genuinely love what we do. The ‘love what we do’ mentality is something that I hadn’t experienced before joining Pareto. Since I’ve been with Pareto I have felt so respected, supported and encouraged to jump at every opportunity – no skydive pun intended!

I have just been offered a workplace team leader position at one of our new sites after having joined the business only 5 months ago and I have a range of emotions! I am sad to be leaving my site and team as well as the incredible client that we have been fortunate to have the pleasure of working alongside, I cannot wait to start the new role. The site is almost twice the size of where I’ve been working the last 5 months and it is still a very new client for us at Pareto. That means that there is lots of opportunity for development and although I’m sure it won’t be without its challenges I’m excited to meet my team and take on whatever lies ahead and exceed expectations at every opportunity.

The biggest personal challenge ahead is to manage a very newly built team with really high potential and ensure that my team and the client get the absolute best output from me as a new leader in Pareto FM. The leaders of Pareto are held to an exceptionally high standard and I am really looking forward to being part of this group and joining events such as managers day and who knows, potentially even being in a position where I am put forward for the EWL’s young leader of the year award 2021!

To conclude I am grateful for the opportunities that I’ve been offered within Pareto in such a short time and I have met some truly incredible people that I can’t wait to grow alongside. I feel privileged that I have been taken under the wing of several leaders at Pareto especially Dele Agunpopo, who has been my manager from day one. I’ve loved working for and alongside Dele and cannot wait to see the heights he reaches within Pareto as he is an exceptional role model for anyone that is a new leader, a new dad or a new friend (may our paths cross again soon)

See you in six months for my year in Pareto review. Wish me luck!


A message from Jack’s line manager

I’m thrilled to see Jack progressing so quickly in Pareto. It’s always bittersweet losing a member of your team to another contract, but internal promotions are a regular occurrence at Pareto so you soon learn to love it!

I’m proud to see yet another of our team moving up in the world of FM. Hard work and commitment to both the client’s goals and Pareto’s values open doors, that’s for sure.

Lucky for us, we have a great relationship with our client who are always happy to support our team’s ambitious moves around the business as they know it’s part of what creates that Pareto ‘buzz’.

Well done Jack, we’re all really proud of you wish you the very best in your new journey towards the management team!


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