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Pareto Achieves Carbon Neutral Status

Leading engineering and facilities services business, Pareto, has confirmed it has achieved carbon neutrality in 2022. Covering scope 1 and 2 activities, the accolade evidences that Pareto have successfully reduced, and thereafter, fully offset all greenhouse gas emissions. In 2022, initiatives included planting over 500 trees, removing more than 50kg of plastic from the ocean, funding wild gardens in schools and supporting organic honey production.

The full carbon offset was achieved predominantly via support of The Topaiyo Redd+ Project in Papua New Guinea. This project aims to protect the rainforest and its wealth of biodiversity, alongside providing benefits to the local community. By providing income sources through carbon finance, the project helps to prevent deforestation. Instead of deforesting land for timber production, local communities can earn income from conservation and sustainable management initiatives.

Daniel Wright, Chair of Pareto’s Environmental & Sustainability Committee adds: “We feel the need to drive the revolution in reducing carbon emissions from FM service providers. Too many of our competitors are committing to dates 15/20 years into the future and we feel more needs to be done now. We cannot wait for action. The problem is here today. We recognize the critical importance of addressing climate change and are committed to doing our part to reduce our impact on the environment. Achieving carbon neutrality is a significant milestone for us and we are proud to be leading the way in sustainability.We will continue to strive to minimize our environmental impact and look for new ways to reduce our carbon footprint”.


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