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Blog: The start of my Pareto FM adventure by Chiv De La Hoyde

So after 7 years in the Workplace Services team at ITV, in July I decided to take a leap of faith. I parted ways with a great team and big company to chase my dreams and progress my career in the way I felt I needed to. I had a great new job lined up (so I thought) and was due to start the Monday after having an emotionally traumatising last day at ITV on the Friday. It all fell over last minute, due to no fault of my own and I had to take the risk and turn them down as I just knew it wasn't the right step for me to take, even though I had nothing on the other side of it at that time. Meanwhile, I'm in touch with Andrew @ Pareto who's been a great mentor for me since meeting him at a Young Managers Forum event about 3/4 years ago. Since meeting Andrew and a few of his team, I've always wanted to work with Pareto. A young, positive, forward thinking business driven by some amazing people, what's not to love? Anyway, fast forward 4 months, here we are, the team get in touch about an opportunity that has come up at Pareto. I'm in Florida at the time so a bit 'hands tied' and feeling eager to get back just to make sure I don't miss out on what could be the opportunity I've been waiting almost 4 years for! It made the flight home significantly easier as I had something to look forward to! The interview was set, I arrived home on the Sunday and had to prepare myself after what was literally two weeks of non stop roller coasters. The pressure was on, but something told me I was on the right path. Fast forward to Tuesday evening after the interview which I felt went really well, but still have all the usual doubts going through my head, 'Should I have shaved? Do I look too young now?' 'Am I still on the ball, having not touched FM for 4 months?' 'Should I have said that?' 'Did talk too much?' Well, the last one isn't a question as much as a statement. I get the news. 'You've got it, congratulations'. I've been given an opportunity to prove myself to someone who I've looked up to and learnt from in a business I've been excited about joining for years, just never had the right opportunity to. And there it is, 4 months post taking a huge risk, I managed to land what can only be described as a miracle of a role with Pareto. Now to start my own Pareto adventure and join the team on theirs. I'm excited, keen to learn and eager to push past all of my previous limits. Good things come to those who are consistent, never give up and truly understand their own 'Why?'

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