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A day in the office for a Pareto Kickstart colleague

Sophie has joined Pareto on the Kickstart scheme as Social Media Assistant in the Marketing Team.

This was Sophie's first task, to learn about, what makes a great blog and to create her first post. We were really impressed by how Sophie embraced the task and turned her first office day into this great read.

Sophie will continue to write blogs for us covering her time at Pareto as part of her growing social media role.

I never knew what it felt like working in an ‘office’ as my previous job hasn’t been computer-related, so in this blog, I will explain what went on in the office on an average Wednesday here at Pareto FM Reading office.

Today was the first time working in the office with Pareto, as I am a remote worker. I work from the comfort of my own home, so it was lovely to meet the team again as I have only met them once before.

Working from home can be distracting because multiple people are living in my household, so today I thought that I would take a slow walk into town with my dog Rosa and head into the office. Yes, dogs are allowed which is amazing because I suffer from anxiety, so my dog Rosa helps distract me from my anxiety.

When I got to the office, I was shown round to the Pareto side of the office, and I then met with some of the team, who are amazing and so welcoming.

I started by finishing a few previously set tasks by my mentor Rachel. I then was given a task to work alongside Lerecce, who is also a Kickstart member. The task was to send a merge email to all employees at Pareto to validate email addresses, to make sure they are still valid, and active.

After that, it was then time to have lunch, the best part of the day in my eyes. Andrew (CEO of Pareto) kindly offered to order everyone a Nando’s. I ordered a lemon and herb butterfly chicken and chips. Having Rosa there with me meant, I of course had to share some of my lunch with her, she is a very spoilt doggy. Everyone came together at the main table, and we all ate together and got to know each other a little bit more.

It was nearly time to finish the day, so we quickly completed the tasks that were set. We then spoke about what we had gotten done in the 5 hours we were in the office. We then got a photo of me (Sophie), Alishya, Lerecce, and Rosa.

This was just a brief blog to explain what I got up to in the office for the first time here at Pareto, I hope it was enjoyable to read, bearing in mind this is the first blog I’ve ever written. If you do enjoy then please keep updated on all our socials and our website for more blogs like this and what we get up to here at Pareto FM.

Thanks for reading.


Social Media Assistant @ Pareto


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