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Azekai Siapth -Why I wrote Pareto's IDAHOBT statement

Azekai Siapth joined Pareto via the Kickstart scheme back in February 2022. Working as Marketing Assistant to the Head of Marketing Azekai has been involved in a wide variety of Pareto projects and campaigns. This week as we hand the baton over to Azekai to deliver our messaging and content celebrating Pride Month, he shares with us why he was happy to write Pareto's first IDAHOBT statement earlier on the month.

"It is no secret that Pareto is keen in spearheading diversity and inclusion within the FM industry and the release of the IDAHOBT statement represents their wholehearted commitment in doing so. It is a breath of fresh air to see a company within this industry standing in solidarity with LGBTQIA+ persons to show resilience against hate and discrimination.

The release of the statement shows their utter commitment to ensuring that they safeguard the inclusion of LGBTQIA+ persons in the workplace and are keenly aware of their roles as allies where their LGBTQIA+ colleagues are concerned.

It is a pleasure to work for a company that actively works to uplift LGBTQIA+ experiences in the workplace. As a queer Trans man of colour, I have always been apprehensive about working in a corporate environment and have even denied myself opportunities in fear of being discriminated against for my gender and sexual expression.

From the brief time that I have been with Pareto, I have never felt more heard, seen, and appreciated."

Azekai Siapth May 2022


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