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Embedding Diversity & Inclusion in our Culture

Alishya Artwell our People Experience Manager and Colin Kimber Associate Director, attended a D&I training course to ensure the topic remains high on our agenda here at Pareto.

Their Top 3 Highlights and key messages were:

1. Language of the Business – Ensuring that the value we place on an inclusive culture permeates throughout the language of the business both internally and externally. This is essential in order to develop the way we are perceived by all stakeholders from employees right through to external champions.

2. Strategy, analytics and measurements – It is extremely important to not shy away from using different models, targets and measurements to drive progress and ensure decision making fits the overall business strategy. D&I definitely resides in hearts and minds, but it is essential that it can be correctly measured and fits in with the landscape of other business metrics in order to maintain its visibility and value.

3. Leadership Qualities and Competencies – Understanding every Pareto leaders role as a potential D&I leader to create a culture where everyone has a voice. To create the culture of inclusion by empowering all employees and recognising their special talents and establishing a sense of belonging. When employees feel more connected, they work and perform at a higher level. Leaders need to leverage these skills and traits to continue to bring their own best self to work as well as employees. Focus areas include – Emotional intelligence, communication, acting as a critical friend to the business and being an agent for change .

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