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#FM10 is back!

The FM sector’s first free virtual medal event is back! #FM10. Welcome to Awesome Autumn!

The purpose of this initiative is to encourage people to engage in an activity they love regardless of their abilities. All with the aim of supporting the mental and physical health of those in facilities management.

This year, to open up to more inclusive opportunities, participants can opt to complete any activity they wish and the criteria is fully open to each participants own interpretation. It could be walking, cycling, swimming, yoga, sudoku, skydiving, crossword, gaming, performing, or anything else. Anything the participant feels a sense of achievement from, they can earn a medal for.

We just want to open up the opportunity, for as many people as possible to feel a great sense of achievement.

Participants will be invited to complete their activity anytime between 1st October 2023 & 30th November 2023. They will then submit their completion to and receive a free medal for their achievement in the post.

There are 150 free medals available for this virtual event on a first come, first served basis.

To sign up participants simply need to enter their email on


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