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Pareto employees and clients join together for Discrimination, Equality and Inclusion Training

Pareto employees and clients joined together for Discrimination, Equality and Inclusion training hosted by our legal partners Rachel Yorke and Devon-Lee Andriés from Knights plc. Such a powerful and engaging session driving home the fact that we are all accountable for creating a safe and happy work environment. This is something we are incredibly passionate about, ensuring we adhere to these values before, during and after an employee’s time at Pareto.

The session highlighted the main types or discrimination and 9 protected characteristics

The 9 protected characteristics connected to the ‘The equality act’

1. Race

2. Disability

3. Age

4. Sex

5. Marital Status

6. Pregnancy/Maternity

7. Religion or belief

8. Gender reassignment

9. Sexual orientation.

The main types of discrimination

There are 5 different types of discrimination classified today as:

1. Direct by association and by perception,

2. Indirect

3. Harassment

4. Victimization

5. Additional protection for disabled workers.

Live case examples were shared with outcomes and learnings outlining that although the Equality Act was established to legally protect employees, we all have a major part to play in delivering inclusive respectful, environments at work.

Pareto is incredibly passionate about providing a safe, happy and inclusive workplace -considered THE leader and disruptor for progressing the diversity & inclusion agenda in facilities management and are proud to share a staff retention rate in excess of 90%+. This not only benefits our teams but our customers who can expect a consistently high level of service delivery.


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