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Pareto FM launches industry wide Pareto Optimality Mentoring Programme

Pareto FM launches industry wide Pareto Optimality Mentoring Programme

Pareto FM has launched its industry wide mentoring programme which sees FM professionals from all disciplines, levels and organisations linked up with a senior manager from Pareto FM. Mentees are invited for regular meetings with their selected Pareto FM representative to gain industry skills, knowledge, and expertise as well as assistance with setting ongoing personal and professional goals. The programme is designed to provide the base for these relationships to form with the aim of creating career spanning professional partnerships that will last well beyond Pareto FM’s involvement.

Andrew Hulbert, Managing Director of Pareto FM, commented ‘Many successful people in business sight the importance of mentors throughout their career. At Pareto were are in the fortunate position to have some of the best management talent in the FM industry that can assist others in their personal and professional journeys. Furthermore the genuine joy of seeing someone you have mentored achieve successful in their respective career is unrivalled and ultimately reminds our senior managers what it takes to be successful’

Pareto FM founded the scheme as part of their commitment to furthering the industry. Hulbert added ‘The facilities management sector is a small community and we are committed to furthering the industry through every individual we can regardless of their role or the organisation they work for. We all have a responsibility to assist those at the earlier stages of their careers to propel them and the industry forwards’.

The scheme is open to anyone within the FM industry and applications are treated as confidential. The cohort for the first quarter of 2015 has now been filled however for those interested in participating in future please contact Andrew Hulbert on

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