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Deskless Workers-how to reconnect the disconnect

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

The rising demand for a personalised experience by customers and clients is evident across many sectors but none more within the service sector.

93% of customers say excellent customer service compels them to make repeat purchases* and with the cost of retaining a customer quoted to be 25% cheaper against the cost of acquiring a new customer, companies must look closely at the frontline staff delivering that service.

And yet with 30% of the UK workforce classed as deskless workers companies can face issues around the retention and development of ‘disconnected and deskless workers’

One startling stat which may explain the issue with retention is that 80% of remote workers feel more excluded than colleagues who work at a desk

Throw the COVID pandemic into the melting pot, this now means that those workers feeling disconnected are even more isolated with many face to face meetings and events remaining virtual

Some reports argue that this disconnect can lead to many companies not viewing their deskless employees as leadership material ,which in turn means, missing out on developing employees with a vast amount of experience and knowledge.


There is however, an advancing set of technology and practices coming through all the time focusing on engaging with deskless workers who can be the least engaged when it comes to development and loyalty.

One such initiative we will be partnering with at Pareto is SHAPE (the System for Health, Attendance, Productivity and Engagement)

As we build on this repositioning of our values, we are taking the opportunity to further develop and nurture our talent a large percentage of who would be classed as deskless workers.

SHAPE is the world’s most comprehensive online employee performance survey. It brings together all the factors necessary to get to know our people and help them get the most out of their work. The SHAPE Reports generated will also help us better understand all our colleagues’ current needs, and plan for future development opportunities.

The interactive, data driven and specialist guidance will enable us at Pareto to help our teams work towards achieving their full potential within Pareto and ultimately, within our client teams.

*(ServeFirst 2020)


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