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Pareto FM gains Living Wage Service Provider accreditation

Pareto FM are proud to announce they have been accredited as a Living Wage service provider. This accreditation demonstrates that Pareto recognise the importance of paying a fair wage to all staff which will ensure all their directly and indirectly employed head office staff receive the Living Wage. The accreditation further requires that Pareto provide Living Wage options on all contract bids for the future to raise awareness of pay issues and give clients the opportunity to bring their businesses in line with the Living Wage standards.

Andrew Hulbert, Managing Director, commented ‘We are delighted to support the Living Wage Foundation, it was one of our goals from day one of starting Pareto. The Living Wage gives us greater ammunition and intelligence to advise our customers of how, they to, can achieve the Living Wage standard, which will in turn help to improve the standards of the FM sector. We set Pareto up on the foundation that we would employ exceptional team members and pay them fairly. We did not require any changes to our business to achieve this accreditation, we hope many other service providers will follow suit.”

Living Wage Service Provider Programme

As a Living Wage Contractor, Pareto FM has committed to the following:

  • all its employees, other than those who are engaged in delivering services under a contract for a specific client, are paid at or above the Living Wage rate as determined by GLA or CRSP, as appropriate;

  • it will increase the amount of Living Wage paid to such employees by the amount of any increase to the Living Wage as announced by GLA or CRSP, as appropriate, within 6 months of such an announcement; and

  • a separately costed Living Wage compliant bid will be submitted with responses to requests for estimates for the supply of personnel and invitations to tender, unless a prospective customer expressly requests Pareto FM does not do so.

What is the Living Wage

  • The Living Wage is an hourly rate of pay, calculated according to the basic cost of living in the UK.

  • It provides an acceptable standard of living for employees and their families and a benchmark for employers who are able to pay more than the National Minimum Wage.

  • There are two Living Wage rates, the UK Living Wage and the London Living Wage. New Living Wage rates are announced in November each year. Employers choose to pay the Living Wage rates on a voluntary basis.

  • Living Wage Foundation celebrates employers that pay the Living Wage by awarding an ethical mark for them to display

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