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Press Release: 25 Pareto team members to complete skydive for C-A-L-M

Pareto FM is raising funds for the men’s mental health charity, CALM, in the form of a group sky dive which is due to take place on 21st June 2020. Pareto have purposefully chosen Father’s Day to complete the jump to highlight the importance of men’s mental health. Suicide remains the single biggest killer of men aged under 45 in the UK.

The sky dive is one of the highest within the UK, we will see the team jump from 15,000 ft which includes a sixty second free fall. Jack Flanagan, Pareto jump organiser, commented: “Charity skydives have become part of the Pareto culture and this will be our third in two years. This year we opened the opportunity out to our entire business to jump and 25 of our team said yes! We were thrilled with the response. We asked the team which charity they’d like to support and CALM was top of the list. We wanted to highlight the importance of discussing, managing and improving mental health for which traditionally has been hard for young men to do. All monies raised will go directly to CALM so please give generously.” Those who wish to support the group sky dive can donate on the line below:

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