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Blog: 'FM by name, Service by nature' by Daniel Scotchmer

When it comes to providing facilities management services, many companies profess to be the exception to the rule. Better than the rest. More understanding. Providing the best possible service. However, after joining the Pareto FM team I can confirm that this is seldom the case. I have worked for some of the big names in the industry and whilst each account I have worked on often tries to do what it can to deliver “best service” it is often a target that they cannot reach. Process, procedures and people become obstacles rather than enablers, and so best service often isn’t actually that.

Since joining Pareto, I have quickly come to realise that there can be huge benefits for the client in working with small to medium providers. The first thing is that we genuinely do care about the client and how we perform for them. Every client we have is precious to us, and we make sure that they know just how valued they are. This starts from the roots up, and by employing the best people possible and enabling them and empowering them to carry out their tasks with minimal effort means that smooth service is guaranteed. It’s the simple things like allowing engineers to obtain their own quotations and then raise their own purchase orders. Having all of our systems online so that they can be accessed and viewed anywhere, anytime, by employees and clients alike. Being able to tailor service and procedure in an instant. The client receives the best solutions at the fastest pace.

With this way of working in place we also ensure that our employees are nurtured. They have the authority to take control of situations and deliver from beginning to end, reducing frustrations and embedding a culture of ownership. We place the trust in them, and they thrive on being able to have the control that other companies just can’t extend to them. We also take the time to get to know our team. Not only does this help to keep the Pareto FM culture strong, it also allows us to truly understand what we can do to help our team be happy in the workplace. Pareto FM go the extra mile – we support our team with training and development opportunities, even if they are not directly related to the tasks they carry out in their current roles. They are our frontline, and without them we would not be able to achieve what we do.

In short, Pareto FM believe in the being the best. Our people, our systems, our culture and our leadership all strive for this, and the benefits are reaped not only by us but our clients alike.

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