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Blog: My work experience day with Pareto FM

On Thursday 12th July I went to London to see some of the offices which Pareto FM manages. The first office I saw was a major online gaming app which consisted of 4 floors. This firm had its own reception so this means they can give the first impression to clients rather than having a 3rd party doing it. Firstly, we went to the restaurant to get some breakfast and I was amazed to see all the food everywhere, considering the offices were virtually empty at the time. Also, there were pool tables, Xboxes and TVs the employees can stay in the office after working. On the floor below was the sound room which was heavily sound proofed and is where is the music is recorded for the games they make. On the floor below was a small cinema where people can watch anything on from football to films. Interestingly, the office is like this to make the workplace feel less stressful which will improve the work produced. It is also so this company can attract the best talent, so it’s games will be better than its competitors.

The second office I went to was a major internet service provider, and although it was more like a conventional office, there was still a pool table, table tennis and a games console for the employees to use. There was also a restaurant which serves three meals a day free of charge for any of the employees. Free food is also another thing that attracts people to work for them as it means they don’t have to pay for the food they eat which saves them lots of money.

The third and final office I went to was a major food delivery app. The office is on one floor and was not as corporate as the internet service provider we had just visited. However, it did have a small football pitch in the centre of the office which had lots of bean bags on it where people were working. There are lots of separate rooms which was common in the first site I visited also.

I enjoyed learning about the workplace over the day and seeing the different workplaces and how they work. Seeing the first office was a bit of an eye opener as it is much different to a conventional office.

Thank you to Pareto FM for allowing me to spend the day with them.

Ben S, 15 years old, Oxford

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