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Pareto donates 1,000 food parcels to ZSL’s dedicated zookeepers over Easter weekend

Pareto FM have donated 1,000 food parcels to the working staff at ZSL London and Whipsnade Zoos. Part of international conservation charity, ZSL, the zoos are currently closed to the public but zookeepers continue to work to care for the animals. The food packages were delivered over the Easter bank holiday weekend and consist of 10 non-perishable food and drink items including drinks, nuts, dried fruits, biscuits and sweets. The food boxes themselves contain messages of thanks and positivity to all those still working during this time.

Jack Flanagan, Contract Compliance Manager, Pareto FM commented “The current Covid-19 situation has been a huge challenge for everyone, and social distancing has meant many people have been sent away from work their workplaces to stay at home. But London and Whipsnade Zoo are not like other workplaces. We still have thousands of animals that need to be cared for and over 700 combined acres of space to be managed. What we’ve seen during this time is an incredibly dedicated group of people that are coming to work every day. I’m privileged to be part of this and have witnessed first-hand the superhuman efforts that are going in to keeping the animals safe and the sites running”.

Andrew Hulbert, Managing Director, Pareto FM added “Jack came to me with this inspirational story of the heroics of the teams still working on both ZSL sites across various departments. He wanted to do something to say thank you to them for their hard work and to show their efforts were appreciated. We came up with the food parcel idea just to give everyone a moral boost. Food has always been a massive part of the Pareto ethos and this was no different. We have all been affected by this crisis but many of us are lucky enough to be isolating at home. We wanted to show our appreciation at this time for those going above and beyond for the good of others”.

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