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A Force For Good

When it comes to mental health, going online can mark a huge learning curve for young people, especially once they start senior school and begin to create social media accounts.

There’s a vast amount of information online; where children/young people can learn about themselves and those around them. It’s potentially a safer environment to showcase or discuss how they are feeling, as they have the protection of a computer screen and a perceived anonymity.

Schools, foundations and online businesses are tirelessly working together to protect children online. Their aim is to ensure it’s a safe environment which can be used both as an education platform and also as a place where young people are able to build a support network.

Nowadays, ‘Professional Gamer’, ‘YouTuber’ and ‘Insta famous’ feature as some of the most desired future careers amongst children.

So, it’s more important than ever, that young people are able to develop their online capabilities and to follow these paths safely without fear of bullying, trolling or harassment.

With the E-learning Industry passing the £100 billion mark last year, there are clearly some tremendous resources available for children online with some fantastic, internet safety features included for free by broadband providers. In light of the restrictions from the Covid pandemic, we’ve also seen schools swiftly roll out online learning programmes and ‘Zoom classrooms’ to try and meet educational needs.

Our children are born into this online culture and it will continue to shape their lives and their futures. It’s important that we encourage them to take full advantage of all the good it offers and to ensure that their overall online experience is positive.

Anything to share? Let us know about any online learning platforms for children, focusing on mental health, and we’ll be sure to take a look and share the resources with others!


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