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Pareto invests in staff development to prepare for future growth

Pareto FM has always been a genuine advocate of staff development and pioneers the sector in terms of investing in its people. This is currently of particular importance, given that the Company is continuing to experience substantial growth juxtaposed to the current economic slowdown due to Covid-19. Pareto felt it is critical we utilise this time in a meaningful way to prepare ourselves and our teams for the future ensuring we are all equipped to tackle the challenges of return to work.

As part of our commitment to the above, over 20 staff members of the Pareto team will complete a formal Institute of Leadership Management course focussed on Team Leading. This is fully funded for the team members and supported by Pareto FM. This ten week programme includes weekly classroom sessions also.

Paige Brookes, Pareto’s Engagement Manager commented, Pareto has always recognised that its core strength is its people. We are consistently growing even through this challenging economic climate, and it’s really important that we make sure that we’re ready for future expansion. This is why we’re so keen to train our people today, so that they can become our leaders for tomorrow.”


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